Ordering Transcripts

Spark and Cannon Transcript/CD Order form, effective from 22 December 2015. Parties involved in court proceedings are able to order transcripts of proceedings that have been heard in all ACT Courts as well as in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT). Members of the public may apply for a copy of the transcript provided the Registrar is satisfied the person has a good reason for doing so.

Ordering Transcripts

As of 9 December 2013, the whole of ACT Courts and Tribunal (including ACAT) has moved to a new service provider for its transcription service.  The new provider is Spark and Cannon (Phone number 1300 502 819).  For material relating to matters heard after 9 December 2013, applications will need to be made to Spark and Cannon.  A link to the application form for a transcript or CD is below.  You can find details of their services here

Spark and Cannon Transcript/CD Order form, effective from 22 December 2015.

Sharing of Transcript Costs between Parties

 If parties (including the tribunal) order the same transcript with the same turnaround time ( e.g. same day, next day etc.) and the orders are placed with Spark and Cannon within 7 days of each other, Spark and Cannon will share the transcript costs between those ordering.

Parties are encouraged to consult with one another and tribunal registry staff, in a timely manner, to consider whether the sharing of transcript costs can be facilitated.

If agreement is reached to order the same transcript with the same turnaround time and orders are placed with Spark and Cannon within 7 days of each other, it is recommended that parties draw the sharing of costs request to the attention of Spark and Cannon such as in the covering email sending the transcript request. Parties may also choose to copy in the other parties in their email request.

Transcripts of Proceedings Prior to 9 December 2013

To obtain a transcript of ACAT proceedings dealt with prior to 9 December 2013, send your completed order form to Merrill Corporation who will advise you when your transcript will be available for collection or delivery. ACAT is not responsible for providing the requesting party with transcripts. Merrill Corporation may be contacted on (02) 6230 4110.

Please be aware that for Merril Legal matters, different order forms exist for government agencies and law firms and private companies and individuals. Please ensure that the correct form is filled in.  

Payment of Transcript Fees

You may apply to have your fee for obtaining a transcript waived. Under section 15 of the Court Procedures Act 2004 the Registrar may waive the fee in whole or in part if imposition of the fee would cause you hardship. Alternatively the Registrar may remit or refund the fee in whole or in part under the Attorney-General (Fees) Determination No 2 2014 where the circumstances warrant and it is in the interests of justice to do so.   If you want to make such an application, send your completed waiver application to the Registrar ACAT.  You can email it to tribunal@act.gov.au.